Club 35 @ Christmas

Christmas with Club 35

There is always a lot of energy and fun at the Walkerville Rostrum meetings and the final get-together for the year before Christmas was even livelier.

The program centred around a Christmas theme and Carmel chose as her exercise on the Carol, Good King Wenceslas, to conduct the members in singing it. Later, President Peter led them in singing new words to other famous Carols.

Lily spoke about Silent Night and John told us about Santa and presented little gifts including a Certificate with three HO HO HOs on it.

The other hoeing was that of chocolates and everyone wore Santa hats. The group laughed their way through the hour. The photo is of Carmel conducting the team in her singalong.

Later, the members filed down to Jim’s café, ‘The Nest’ for more social interaction as is the fortnightly tradition. We send our goodbyes and looked forward to the Garden Party in January to welcome the new year.

The Club Barbie

The Club Barbie

This year, a member (in fact the President) decided to have a Garden Party at his home.  The eighteen who attended enjoyed a sumptuous lunch with plenty of nice drinks and lots of friendly small talk.  The group really enjoyed a perfect the day, except it was quite warm. If you are looking for more than just becoming a more persuasive speaker and would like to become part of a big, new family where everyone has fun and loves their membership, then come along to Walkerville Rostrum.  The photo is of the two BBQ stars, John and Peter.

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